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The reason why I do this activity

When I first visited Bangladesh in March 2014, I saw many young people didn’t have a job as they were not able to access higher education due to poverty.

My father passed away When I was a child. Although I grew up fatherless, I had an opportunity to get an education because my mother worked hard. Finally, I got a job at a large Japanese bank thanks to education. From this experience, I have strongly felt education has a strong power to change one’s life.

After I came back to Japan from Bangladesh, I thought I wanted to support young people who did not have an opportunity to get a higher education in spite of their willingness to learn. Considering possible options, I came up with an idea of a job-guaranteed online programming school and decided to turn the idea into reality.

After one year preparation, I launched an online programming school in February 2015 and established a software development comp/” at the same time in Bangladesh.

We guarantee a job opportunity for students of my school by hiring them who have passed a final examination of the programming course.

LIT has to constantly get programming orders such as responsive design service around the world. This is how I can constantly hire students of my school and help them change their life.

There is something we can do